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Super Bowl Pick

Two Weeks Ago: 2-0
Playoffs: 6-2-2
Season total: 133-123-10

Two Weeks Ago: 0-2
Playoffs: 3-5-2
Season Total: 126-130-10

Denver (-2.5) vs. Seattle

Ryan: Some personal anecdotes that have been simmering inside my brain during the playoffs because there’s not a regular outlet for my hot life takes:

1) I feel irrationally proud of myself when I actually do my laundry. It’s like that old Chris Rock sketch when people brag about taking care of their kids or never having been to jail. I’m SUPPOSED to do my laundry, and the extent to which I let it linger is irresponsible considering I’m now 27 years old. Getting it done isn’t an accomplishment, and I need to stop treating it as such inside my head.

2) Last week, the Wi-Fi router in my apartment abruptly decided to not work, and I’m truly embarrassed about how much anxiety this gave me. I have no idea how people lived for thousands of years without internet when I can’t endure several minutes. After going through the unplug/reset cycle several times and getting nowhere, I had to trudge to Starbucks and that was terrible.

One of my first posts on this blog was about how it’s an OUTRAGE that Starbucks has such abominably slow internet. Who the hell do they think they are? Why even have it in the first place if stuff isn’t going to load? Did we lose a war? I get that people would sit there for an eternity if their free internet were worth a damn, so they should just charge for good access instead of trying to pass off their 1997 bullshit like it’s some sort of service.

3) I just noticed I also talked about this in the old Starbucks post but it’s amazing how much of a difference making or missing the bus in the morning can make in my day. Earlier this week, I missed saw the thing pull away while I was across the street and had to stand there in the cold for 15 minutes despising life. Today, I had to run to catch it, got in AT THE BUZZER and I’ve been euphoric ever since.

4) I don’t wanna be that guy but the winter in Chicago has been BRUTAL this year. It’s been far colder and snowier than the four past ones, and it’s been sucking the life out of me. There’s a very real danger that it’s going to stick around until late-May at this rate. It feels like we’re being punished for something.

5) Here’s the bacon cheeseburger basket at the Anchor Bar in Superior, WI. Inflation clearly hasn’t reached northern Wisconsin.

anchor bar superior wi

Anyways, if you couldn’t tell, I’ve been stalling because I have very little to say about the actual football in the Super Bowl. What really is there? These have been the two best teams all year, and I hope they give us a close game before the sport goes away forever until September. Seahawks cover, but I really have no idea.

Asif: I’m not entirely sure why Denver is getting nearly three points here. Seattle looked like the better team for much of the regular season, and looked very strong in its two playoff games. Denver, on the other hand, kind of coasted into this Super Bowl, especially in the AFC Championship Game, where the Patriots’ injuries made a Broncos win seem inevitable. I’ll take Seattle’s superior D, fantastic running game, Peyton Manning’s choking problem, and the points please. Seattle covers.


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