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NFL Conference Championship Picks

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

This is the last real football Sunday forever until September, and that makes me profoundly sad. I need to come up with my post-NFL Sunday resolution pretty soon. Three years ago it was to study for the GMATs, and I actually kept to it. Two years ago, it was to play live sports and that faltered after a week or two. I don’t even remember what last year’s was so that must not’ve gone particularly well, either. Any suggestions are welcome.

On to the picks …

Last Week: 2-1-1
Playoffs (so far): 4-2-2
Total Season: 131-123-10

Last Week: 2-1-1
Playoffs (so far): 3-3-2
Total Season: 126-128-10

New England @ Denver (-5.5)

Ryan: When you really think about it, it’s pretty incredible that the four best football teams in the world are playing this Sunday but the social dialogue pertaining to the NFL is all focused on the bizarre arrests of Davone Bess and Kellen Winslow today. Like, we’re all pretty fatigued with the Brady-Manning narrative, but that’s never stopped us from running that stuff into the ground before. Roger Goodell must be INFURIATED that their parking lot masturbation and throwing-coffee-on-a-cop antics couldn’t wait until like two weeks from now.

At this point, it’s pretty hard for me to come up with anything especially original to say about any of the four teams left. I’ve either written it in the previous 19 weeks or, and this is far more likely, someone else has. Looking up and down the rosters, it would certainly appear as though the Broncos should win this game — even if you’re the sort of person who rightfully would take Brady over Manning.

Still, though, this line seems too high. That makes me think it’s a Vegas trap. Broncos cover.

Asif: The Broncos certainly look like the stronger team on paper, and I won’t put much stock in the Pats’ Week 12 win because of the injuries they’ve endured since. Still, this line seems a little wide to me, especially when you consider the relative reputations of the two teams, statistically accurate or not. Pats cover.

San Francisco @ Seattle (-3.5)

Ryan: What is it about Colin Kaepernick that pisses the hell out of old white sportswriters? It has to be more complicated than backwards hats and tattoos, right? Or is that really it? My opinion of him is biased because most of the times when I specifically focus on him he’s running unabated for dozens of yards at a time against Green Bay (and gashing them through the air when he’s not), but I think he’s going to have a really special career.

That being said, this is never the side of things you wanna be on:

That, combined with the fact the San Francisco really struggled to move the ball in both these team’s previous matchups this year, yields Seahawks cover.

Asif: This line on the other hand seems just about right. Neither of these teams looked like offensive juggernauts last week, and my instinct is to pick the Niners because I think they’ll be able to throw the ball a bit more than Seattle. That changes a bit if Percy Harvin gets cleared to play sometime between now and Sunday. Sticking to my guns, Niners cover.

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