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At Mashable, Kevin Ashton talks about inventing a fake Internet persona with seemingly high influence:

There’s just one thing about Santiago Swallow that you won’t easily find online: I made him up. Everything above is true. He really does have a Twitter feed with tens of thousands of followers, he really does have a Wikipedia biography, and he really does have an official website. But he has never been to TED or South By South West and is not writing a book. I—or rather he—flat out lied about that. (Editor’s note: Santiago Swallow’s Twitter account was suspended after the publication of this piece.)


I gave Santiago his “Twitter verified account” check box by putting it onto his cover image right where his name would appear. It will not fool many people, but might give him a little extra credibility with some. By the time I uploaded these images to Twitter, Santiago had developed a large “following,” even though he did not have a profile and had never tweeted anything.

To get him tweeting, I used a trial copy of TweetAdder, which automatically tweets, follows and retweets on Santiago’s behalf. His breezy platitudes come from half a dozen “mad-lib”-like phrases of the “if this, then that” variety, coupled with a list of nouns from the new age TED/SXSW hipster vocabulary: dolphins, phablets, Steve Jobs, mobile, Tom’s shoes, stevia and so on.

Boris Becker has a new sports business column at Forbes:

Carrying the torch through Northala Fields in Ealing on a beautiful sunny day, hundreds of people had turned up to be a part of the celebrations, and no doubt to make the most of the glorious sunshine, waving national flags and cheering, the community was gathered together in anticipation of what was to come just 3 days later, to show their support and solidarity, to get behind the games. I was once again reminded just how powerful sport can be in bringing people together and strengthening communities.

Throughout the course of the games I would be reminded of the profound impact that the collective spirit of celebration can have, it is infectious, and when friends of mine that had not visited London for some years came to England for the games, they were completely blown away by the capital’s vibrancy, the energy of the people and their hospitality. London 2012 raised the benchmark for future games, it showed the UK at it’s best, and will be remembered for it’s diversity, and what can be achieved when differences are put aside, when the dedication and sporting endeavor of each and every individual that took part informs the united support of the spectators; as my friend Lord Seb Coe so eloquently put it in his closing speech, they were “a games for everyone”.

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Food Porn

Chicken and waffles w/ bacon at Kitsch’n (Chicago)

Bacon Cheeseburger @ John Barleycorn (Chicago)


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