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At The Classical, Jack Moore praises Bo Ryan and his system:

In a way, Wisconsin’s story is the Moneyball of college basketball. Wisconsin hasn’t been good enough for long enough to match up with the truly storied programs in terms of recruiting resource; the program arguably became relevant nationally in 2000, when Dick Bennett helmed the squad to the Final Four two seasons before Ryan took over. For much of his career, Bo Ryan simply wasn’t going to convince the star guard, the muscular center or the hyper-athletic slasher to come play basketball at Wisconsin.

Instead, Ryan had to find talents hidden beneath the scoring-centric and NBA-centric scouting world that defined the national recruiting scene. He had to find big men with jump shots. He had to find small forwards who could defend the post. He had to find guards who could rebound. Even top-tier recruits like Joe Krabbenhoft, a five-star forward out of North Dakota, earned reputations as bangers and scrappers, reputations reserved for the untalented.

For Salon, Patrick Wensink talks about how much he ultimately got paid for writing a novel that became an Amazon bestseller:

I was reminded of a single page in “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”; specifically, the section where Dave Eggers breaks down his $100,000 advance on sales from his publisher. He then lists all his expenses. In the end the author banked a little less than half. It wasn’t bad money — just not the “I bet Dave Eggers totally owns a Jaguar”-type of income I expected. I mean, his name was on the cover of a book! He must be rich.

That honesty was refreshing and voyeuristic. I always said if I ever had a chance, I’d make a similar gesture. As a person learning about writing and publishing, there was something helpful about Eggers’ transparency. So here is my stab at similar honesty: the sugar bowls full of cocaine, bathtubs full of whiskey, semi-nude bookstore employees scattered throughout my bedroom tale of bestseller riches.

This is what it’s like, financially, to have the indie book publicity story of the year and be near the top of the bestseller list.

Drum roll.


Hi-hat crash.

At Sports on Earth, Patrick Hruby exposes the NCAA:

Remember the Great Recession? Dodds and his peers don’t. According to a recent report in USA Today Sports, athletic directors at FBS schools are paid an average of $515,000 annually, an increase of more than 14 percent since … 2011. At the low end of the scale, Louisiana-Monroe AD Bobby Staub took home $109,923; at the high end, Louisville’s Tom Jurich pocketed $1,401,915. Over the last two years, the number of athletic directors making $1 million or more has jumped from six to nine, while the number making $800,000 or more has risen from nine to 15. None of this is entirely new. Back in 2010 — that is, when unemployment was at 9.9 percent and the nation was still reeling from the worst financial crisis since 1929 — at least 10 public schools gave their athletic directors pay raises of $75,000 or more.

Oh, and don’t forget the bonuses. Generous bonuses. Utterly attainable generous bonuses. Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman received a $60,000 bonus for the Aggies’ appearance in the Cotton Bowland another $25,000 for his school’s women’s basketball team making the NCAA tournament (and you thought La Salle had a good weekend). At Kansas State, AD John Currie’s contract stipulates that any time a Wildcats head coach earns a performance bonus, he receives a bonus equal to 75 percent of the money paid to the coach, even though Currie does no actual coaching. (And you thought long-retired Bobby Bonilla had a sweet deal with the New York Mets). At Louisville, the aforementioned Jurich even has a contractual clause that requires him to be paid more than $250,000 in severance if he’s fired for breaking NCAA rules or other misconduct.

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