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Watch This High School Basketball Player SHATTER the Backboard With a One-Handed Dunk

Good Morning to you as well! It’s always harrowing when somebody much younger than I am accomplishes something that I will never do, even if I tried to do only that for the rest of my life. And then he walks away nonchalantly. “Oh, you can’t shatter a backboard with a dunk? Weird. I’ve been here before. Ain’t no thing.”

(H/T The Big Lead)

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    Ha, they're just abandoning the Russia shit with Rusev?2 hours ago
    @ChrisVannini Yeah he's sorely missed. I wish they could use him for special occasions like they do Lesnar and Rock.2 hours ago
    @ChrisVannini You comparing Cole to Cole, or to JR? They miss JR on these broadcasts so badly.2 hours ago
    I know I say this every week, sometimes twice, but the announcing on Raw is so dismal. It's astounding this is what they want.2 hours ago
    Tim Kurkjian loves baseball so damn much.3 hours ago
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