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Here’s the Best Food I Ate in Israel


Beef schwarma at Moshiko (this is the very end of what was a MASSIVE — 1.5x bigger than a Chipotle burrito — pita)


While the rest of the trip split off between two tourist traps, a group of four of us ventured to a Lebanese restaurant. Google leads me to believe it’s called Ktsy Hanahal, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. We got the meat sampler platter. The pies in the corners are beef and lamb while the empanadas (they told us what they were called in Lebanon, but I forget) and Kubbeh (the stuff that looks like corn dogs on the outside) were both stuffed with beef.

Tel Aviv

Eggs Benedict w/ ham and bacon at Benedict

Kubbeh in curry rice at Kubbeh Bar

Veal burger topped with fried egg and fresh mozzarella at Olive

Charcuterie plate at Wineberg

Potato pancakes at Littel Prague

A friend of a friend told me to check out Miznon, a pita stand run by Eyal Shani, a famous Israeli chef. Oh my God it was wonderful. When we got there, they immediately poured us shots. Here’s their English menu:

Here’s that day’s special, which was a slow cooked beef brisket pita that I am going to be dreaming about for years:

And the grilled cauliflower:

Finally, they brought us out free dessert: bananas and Nutella inside grilled pita:

Obligatory McDonald’s

People always hate on me for this, but each time I go overseas, I make it a point to eat at McDonald’s twice. The first time, I get whatever is on the menu that does not exist in America. I was realllllly hoping for McSchwarma or McFalafel, but it was not meant to be. So ironically, I would order the Big America Burger, a half-pound, high-quality burger topped with beef short ribs and one of six sauces, depending on which city’s burger you order. At this McDonald’s, which was located somewhere in the middle of a two-hour drive, there was a language barrier. I have no idea what city I ordered — or what sauce it was topped with — and think my request for no pickles ended up getting the short ribs taken off the burger. But it was still really good. Like, if you ordered this burger at a normal restaurant, you’d be pretty happy with its quality.

The second time I go, I always order a Big Mac, Fries, and Diet Coke. (Clearly, I’m trying to watch my figure.) I do this because it never ceases to amaze me that it is the exact same meal everywhere in the world. The global consistency of McDonald’s is an outright miracle, and I plan on continuing this tradition. HATERS GONNA HATE.

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