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Here’s Chris Bosh Videobombing Dwyane Wade With the Robot

Wade held a straight face and continued the conversation for much longer than I would have been able to. I’m impressed.


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    @Peter_Bukowski hopefully that's the case because the offense has been bad for like 2 months10 hours ago
    @dougmt don't think packers are catching them which might not be the worst thing I'm not sure lambeau is an advantage for them10 hours ago
    @itstellertime yeah I sure hope so (but not in detroit)10 hours ago
    This was another game where it may not be the worst thing the Packers didn't win. There are things wrong with offense they need to address.11 hours ago
    Acknowledging I sound like a @JSComments'er, it's a miscarriage of justice that Jeff Janis doesn't get more run on this stagnant Packers O.11 hours ago
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