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The Magical Wonder of @PFTCommenter in One Screenshot

This might only be funny to me, but this exchange between ProFootballTalk writer Darin Gantt and the site’s brilliantly snarky and satirical commenter literally made me laugh out loud.

See his new blog for some more hot takes.

Again, there might only be a few hundred people in the world who know who @PFTCommenter is and understand why he’s so funny, but his presence on the Internet makes my days better. I would love to know who he really is so I could buy him a beer.

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    Damn. hours ago
    @brandonrifkin But yeah that's probably part of it. I think it's the unappealingness of Dallas in the summer as much as anything.6 hours ago
    @brandonrifkin Was the case last year as well, though, and we still traveled to Houston.6 hours ago
    @sae244532 I added an update, but that's not a "correction." It was clear that he was joking in the original text.6 hours ago
    @darrenrovell Won bowl against Auburn, but lost 17-point 2nd half lead to LSU in Houston last year. Also, Dallas not that fun of a city.6 hours ago
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