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In Esquire, Tom Junod writes on the excruciating nature of NFL injuries:

“Fans basically know nothing,” Ryan Clark says when asked to talk about his experience of injury. “They know what they see on the field and that’s about it. They don’t know the work, the rehab, the getting out of bed on Monday morning. A lot of injuries are the ones that don’t get reported, the ones that don’t take you off the field. People always ask me, ‘Are you feeling good?’ No. You never feel good. Once the season starts, you never feel good. But it becomes your way of life. It becomes the norm. It’s different from a guy going to work at a bank. If he felt like I did, he wouldn’t get out of bed. He’d call in.”

“Our perspective is our own pain,” says the veteran who keeps the pain journal, who we’ll call PJ from now on. “What other perspective do we have? We’ve been beaten down since we were kids that you’re never too injured to play. And so when normal people — people who are not associated with football — ask ‘How do you feel?’ for many years it was hard for me to answer that question. It was hard for me to say exactly how I feel, because it would show a sign of weakness or softness. And at the professional level, you better not say how you feel, or the next man will get your job.”

On SB Nation, Kings fan Tom Ziller pens an open letter to the Maloofs:

Dear Joe, Gavin and George Maloof,

How do you sleep at night?

I know the stock retort from the rich and heartless is “on a big pile of money,” but HAHAHAHAHAHA c’mon guys, let’s try to be serious for a minute. You don’t have any money. You’re broke, and pillows made of dimes and nickels just aren’t comfortable. That’s why it’s come down to this: you can’t afford to keep the Sacramento Kings. You’ve run through all the other sources of liquid wealth, and now it’s time to flip the NBA team you said you’d never sell so that y’all can pay for yourvarioushabits. You’re terrible at making and keeping money. You make Antoine Walker look like Warren Buffett.

Y’all have always said that you’d never sell the Kings. Yet here we are. Y’all have continuously rejected claims that you’ve gone broke. Yet here we are. Y’all screamed down anyone who dare express consternation that relocation is your plans. Yet here we are. In a few months, if all goes according to your nefarious plans, you’ll have sold the Kings, and they’ll have been relocated to Seattle. And you’ll still be broke, because you are who you are. Your wealth management skills don’t exactly inspire confidence, y’know?

In the New York Times, Helene Stapinski discusses the trend of people snapping pictures of their food. Y’all know anyone who does this?

Emma Kate Tsai, a Houston-based editor, said her 64-year-old father drives her family crazy with the food photos he shoots with his large, cumbersome camera strapped across his chest. “It’s really irritating,” she said, “because we can’t take a bite unless he takes his photo.”

When the family goes out for Chinese, things get ugly. “The food just keeps coming, and we just have to wait for him,” she said. “Of course, he’s not taking pictures of us or his grandkids, which compounds the issue for me.”

Her father, a NASA engineer, used to put his photos into PowerPoint presentations and send the huge files to them through e-mail. “They were, like, 11 megabytes,” she said with a laugh. “Now he’s got Facebook, thank God.” Still, she worries about what will happen when her father stops working. “I think when he retires it’s just going to get worse,” she said.

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