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28 Adorable Dogs Who Root for the Green Bay Packers

Saw this top picture this morning and honestly just couldn’t help myself. I’ll spare you the pain of corny captions.

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    The #RoyalRumble crowd hates what it's being given, is chanting CM PUNK to spite WWE.55 minutes ago
    Sign near front of #RoyalRumble ring: Reigns + Mic ≠ Strong hour ago
    Wonder if the fans are dumb enough to forget how mad they are when they're happy to see The Rock, and then Roman Reigns wins.1 hour ago
    JBL acting like there's a CM Punk ice cream bar's chance in hell Stardust is winning the Royal Rumble is so wrestling.1 hour ago
    @BukoTime I think it's pretty interesting, actually. We're gonna have to agree to disagree.1 hour ago
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