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Quick Pick: Colts @ Jaguars

Indianapolis (-3) @ Jacksonville

Ryan: The Chuckstrong thing is really cool. This week, most of the Colts players shaved their heads in solidarity:

This line seems too low. These are two teams headed in completely different directions. The Jaguars missed on their quarterback and are going to have to start over. Again. The Colts, meanwhile, have theirs for the next decade and beyond. Again. Colts cover.

Asif: If the Colts manage to squeak into the playoffs, is that a sign of how far they’ve come as a team or is it just that the AFC is that bad? I say neither. The only thing that the Colts making the playoffs means is that last season was the most blatant tank job in NFL history. Indianapolis should really be fined for that shit. Roger Goodell has no problem handing out entirely arbitrary punishments to teams (see: Bountygate, New Orleans Saints), he should come down on the Colts for making a mockery of the sport in 2011 just to get the first pick in the draft. It’s not like Indy is even likeable. It’s a nothing city* in the middle of nowhere, populated by a bunch of obese midwesterners and the team was STOLEN from Baltimore and is owned by a crazy drunk who spends all day tweeting George Thorogood lyrics.

As for the Jaguars, there’s really nothing to say except that they are TERRIBLE. Indy covers.

*Ryan notes that Indy actually has a nice downtown. I don’t care because it isn’t New York. #Eastcoastelitism

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