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Best NFL Week 9 Tweets

Best NFL Week 9 Tweets

Storified by Ryan Glasspiegel · Mon, Nov 05 2012 09:03:19

Great day for some football #letsgetitRyan Pickett
I am INACTIVE, except for walk between couch and fridge RT @AndrewSiciliano: Jordy Nelson is ACTIVEJason Lisk
You really don’t want to know. RT @SportsGrid: A 14-year-old Chinese boy has qualified for the Masters. What were YOU doing at 14?SC_DougFarrar

Best Tweets 2

Storified by Ryan Glasspiegel · Mon, Nov 05 2012 09:10:02

God, it’s only noon. YOU GO TO HELL, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS.Drew Magary
Pagano starts his second round of chemo this week. Goes without saying, but pretty much the whole NFL is rooting like hell for him.Albert Breer
Salute to veterans today at @LambeauField. Wilde
The Washington Redskins’ helmets are a moving tribute to foreskin awareness.NotJayCutler
Outrageous stat from FOX: Panthers RBs have 6 yards rushing on third down this year.gregg rosenthal
A Redskins win wearing leather helmets before election day guarantees a victory for Eisenhower.Michael Tanier
It is indeed ankle for Nelson, return questionable, just like the decision to play him.Rob Demovsky
If you attempt the wildcat formation and then have to take a timeout, you shouldn’t be allowed to use the wildcat. Ever. #Billssarah sprague
In other news, the Titans need a mercy rule. This is just pathetic.Clay Travis
I don’t know who owns the Titans but they should strongly consider giving their fans a refund for this performance.Brandon Rifkin
We’re about the point now where the Bears should just fumble on purpose so that the Titans can play offense. Horrible, putrid offense.Drew Magary
WOW … Reggie Bush just laid a USC Circa 2005 touchdown run on the Colts.Albert Breer
I’m not sure when Reggie Bush became a complete running back, but we’re pretty much there now.SC_DougFarrar
Wow. @Reggie_Bush just juked the entire city of Indianapolis on one of prettiest TD runs of the year. True play of the year.Rich Eisen
Randall Cobb is almost singlehandedly getting the Packers through this stretch of their schedule.Aaron Nagler
Aaron Rodgers: Football player.Zach Kruse
What hustle by Rodgers to get on that fumble by Starks.Aaron Nagler
Next Sunday… NO POLITICAL ADS. #cannotwait #pleasestop #sandyhelpMichael Tanier
The RG3 Aaron Rodgers analogy will really hold up if both of their teams keep working overtime to keep them from winning.Michael Tanier
RT @BradBiggs: A hot Jay Cutler was yelling at QB coach Jeremy Bates as he left the field<Jay needs a trip to flavor country #smokin’Alex Marvez
YESSSSSS RT @BradBiggs: A hot Jay Cutler was yelling at QB coach Jeremy Bates as he left the fieldMike Tunison
It’s gonna be a bummer when Randall Cobb becomes such an important receiver that the Packers don’t let him return kicks anymore.Bill Barnwell
Paul Ryan wore Packers gear at Lambeau Field today, so here’s a GIF of him waving a Terrible Towel in August:
I’m a little behind, but Peyton being intercepted in end zone surprises me more than a wide receiver suddenly being attacked by wolvesDan Le Batard Show
The Jags are bad at thisDan Le Batard Show
Nothing gets my blood pressure up like the 2nd half of a #Packers game. Damn.Darren
Oh, that Pacman reaction to pass interference flag after initially celebrating was just the best.Mike Tunison
Browns seriously just ran the ball on third-and-11 to set up a field goal in a 14-12 game. From 41 yards.Bill Barnwell
Well, of course, it’s Tom Crabtree with the big play.Packer Report
Tom Crabtree’s two touchdowns, 48 yards at Houston and 72 yards here, are the Packers two longest scores from scrimmage this season.Zach Kruse
If I was a rb or wr I would go down the minute peanut got within 10 yards of me.Big Cat
Peanut Tillman with four forced fumbles in this game. I love me some J.J. Watt, but that’s your DPOY right there.SC_DougFarrar
Newman mugs Decker, allows TD, comes away cheering for nonexistent OPI. Classic.Michael Tanier
Per Scott Linehan, Megatron was tackled at or near the opposing one-yard line on four other plays this season. Tackled at the 1 vs. JAX.SC_DougFarrar
Aaron Rodgers man cave needs to be green and yellow and NOT red!Verified Packer Fan
Pacman can’t BULLEE DAT – Tunison
Seeing players smiling on the sidelines: priceless. We welcome you with open arms, bye week.The Packer Ranter
Incumbent won in 2004 after Redskins lost. If Obama wins this year, can we never mention this stupid superstition again?Mike Tunison
Democrats: "Nate Silver!" Republicans: "The Redskins!"Bobby Big Wheel
"I call Vick Ballad ‘The Finisher,’ because he … well, y’know, finishes things." #GrudenismsSC_DougFarrar
Positive: Titans remain on pace to shatter the record for most points allowed in NFL history.Clay Travis
The winner of Colts Dolphins: NFL fans who get to watch these young players for the next decade.Michael Tanier
Best jersey in the stands at Lambeau today: Hammen
Mike Shanahan: 14-27 (.341) in 2-plus seasons with the Redskins. Even Steve Spurrier (.375) had a better winning percentage there.Bart Hubbuch
The good thing about booking early on the Russell Wilson bandwagon is that you get the comfy seats.SC_DougFarrar
People’s daylight savings stories are amazing! You thought it was later than it is? NO WAY!!Neal Brennan
Phil Simms just intercepted his own sentence three times. Impressive.SC_DougFarrar
Ryan Clark flagged for a hit to the head. Contact was nowhere close. Tunison
Said it once, say it again: 15-yd roughing penalties should be reviewable. They’re almost always bang-bang and costly for penalized team.Rich Eisen
Yep yep. RT @wingoz: yup RT @JasonRomanoThat was NOT a penalty on Ryan Clark — Giants get two huge gift penalty calls on that last driveAaron Nagler
Oh, we can’t bitch about the incompetence of the real refs. They just escorted Giants to a touchdown. Thanks.Jason Whitlock
Peyton Manning is now 8-0 vs. the #Bengals. Nobody’s destroyed them more often. Except Mike Brown, of course.Rick Reilly
I can’t think of a more obvious application of the tuck rule. He had not even yet started the tuck!!! WTF???Aaron Schatz
Wow ruling on the field stands…I was joking about Refs having money on Giants..maybe not a jokeRobert Littal
Of course, Seahwaks fans are loving these calls going against the Steelers.Aaron Nagler
That was a classic tuck rule call that they didn’t actually call.Jason Lisk
This -> RT @AlbertBreer: If you haven’t watched Chuck Pagano’s postgame speech to his Colts players … Go … Now … Eisen
Chuck Pagano in the locker room. "We’ll hoist that Lombardi Trophy together." Go ahead. Try not to tear up: Rapoport
A "hormonal" challenge by Pete Carroll costs Seattle a timeoutBrian McIntyre
Can we just get @MikePereira on all networks? Read his timeline if you want the truth about bogus fumble.Jason Whitlock
Yes. RT@adamczech What’s more violent: A Marshawn Lynch run or a Slayer concert?SC_DougFarrar
Who are these people? Matt Millen and Tim Ruskell? RT @scott_pianowski Every week a bunch of people say I have Doug Martin ranked too high.SC_DougFarrar
I wouldn’t try to block Jared Allen with Michael Robinson. Bad idea jeansBrian McIntyre
So, we need to talk about Doug Martin.Bill Barnwell
with sanders headed toward him, weatherford looked like me the time i got caught on a dude from an and-1 tape on a switch.Bomani Jones
"That’s why you lift all them weights!" –Steve Weatherfordmike freeman
Doug Martin fell just 4.2 fantasy points short of passing Clinton Portis for the best single-game performance since 2000.Michael Fabiano
i love internet era RT @MatthewBerryTMR: Doug Martin’s 51 pts in standard scoring ties CDillon for 3rd highest in Internet era (since 1995)gregg rosenthal
Charles Tillman is first player in at least 18 years to have 4 forced fumbles in a single game.Zach Zaidman
Jerry Jones the owner says he would have fired Jerry Jones the G.M. by now
Every page on ESPN having an autoplay video never stops being the worst thing in the worldBig Cat
Probably should have assumed that the 60 Minutes segment would be without any real substance.Zach Kruse
DeMarcus Ware just destroyed Matt Ryan. But monster break for #Falcons, grabbing that fumble. Let that slip.Ian Rapoport
What kind of protection has NOBODY blocking Demarcus Ware????Aaron Schatz
I saw this Cowboys-Falcons game last year in Tuscaloosa. LSU wonDan Wetzel
I always think Arthur Blank looks like a chauffeur.Drew Magary
That 43-yard run by Michael Turner is as out of character as his game against the Panthers. He’s looked done all season.Darin Gantt
I’m pretty sure Urlacher’s TD run was faster than that.SC_DougFarrar
I hate that. If a DB did to a WR what Roddy White did to Claiborne, it’s a flag every time. Why not there?Darren Urban
Jerry Jones just pounded locker room door because no one would let him in. It’s the angriest I’ve seen him all year. #Cowboys @BlueStarBlogMatt Barrie

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