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Three-Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage at Hot Doug’s

Reader @HorvayGroup sends in this delicious sausage from Hot Doug’s…

Three Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage with Pesto Mayonnaise, Roma Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella Cheese ($7.50)


- Cool Art and Greasy Street Fare at Chicago’s Do Division Festival

Sausage Fest!

25 Things That Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans Can Agree Are Awesome

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    @highkin I don't miss the NFL version of that one bit. That was terrible.9 hours ago
    The Miami Herald is probably getting more pageviews than ever on FIU coverage, except maybe the time a dude swung his crutches at Miami ppl.14 hours ago
    @SedanoESPN Look for me at Wisco-LSU. I'll be the one in red.14 hours ago
    Horrible Person @DankGameAlert Gets Home Run Ball From Ball Boy, Refuses To Give It To Nearby Little Kid.14 hours ago
    The NFL wouldn't quite be the NFL without an Aldon Smith news dump into Labor Day wknd.19 hours ago
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