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Three-Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage at Hot Doug’s

Reader @HorvayGroup sends in this delicious sausage from Hot Doug’s…

Three Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage with Pesto Mayonnaise, Roma Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella Cheese ($7.50)


- Cool Art and Greasy Street Fare at Chicago’s Do Division Festival

Sausage Fest!

25 Things That Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans Can Agree Are Awesome

Twitter @sportsrapport

    The ERA doing footwork at Hamilton Park hours ago
    RT @PFTCommenter: If your not good enough to start over Blaine Gabbert you shouldnt be aloud to stand for the national anthem anyways. USA…11 hours ago
    He exercised his freedom of speech, at great personal financial risk. He's not exactly in position of power now. hours ago
    @Travis_Waldron Yeah, so far I am very impressed with what he's said, but we'll see where this goes12 hours ago
    3) It would/will be verrrry interesting when a similar gesture is made by a bona fide franchise player, especially in the NFL.12 hours ago
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