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Three-Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage at Hot Doug’s

Reader @HorvayGroup sends in this delicious sausage from Hot Doug’s…

Three Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage with Pesto Mayonnaise, Roma Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella Cheese ($7.50)


- Cool Art and Greasy Street Fare at Chicago’s Do Division Festival

Sausage Fest!

25 Things That Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans Can Agree Are Awesome

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    RT @johnjcook: ad for fake news in nyt editorial on the death of facts hours ago
    @justinhintz high life DEFINITELY way better in the bottle than the can. but i'm talking about one shape miller lite bottle vs another.10 hours ago
    Tomorrow is maybe best forward-looking NFL Sunday slate of the year so far. Only one spread over a TD. Buf-Pit, GB-Sea, Dal-NY big games.10 hours ago
    This is so dumb, but I actually think Miller Lite tastes a smidgen better in these original stein bottles they're packaged in right now.10 hours ago
    semi regular reminder that uconn should be in the big ten instead of rutgers11 hours ago
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