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- Greg Cosell talks about the mythology of “being a winner”:

Recently on my weekly Thursday morning appearance with Ross Tucker on “The Morning Kickoff” on Sirius XM radio, Tucker raised an interesting point on Tom Brady, who is now heading into his 13th season in New England.

Tucker broke down Brady’s career into two separate parts:

1. Brady’s first five years as a starter. (He threw a grand total of three passes in his rookie season of 2000.)

2. Brady’s last five years — not including 2008, when he tore his ACL in the opening game of the season.

The CliffsNotes version of Tucker’s take is this: Brady has been a far better player over the last five years, yet he won all three of his Super Bowls in the first five.

I agree with Tucker. In fact, I don’t think the former statement is debatable at all. Yet, for those who believe that playoff success and Super Bowl championships are the best measuring stick of quarterback greatness, it’s a bit of an intellectual challenge.

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- When the Jaguars end up moving to LA in a year or two, you can remember this lawsuit as the snowball that started the avalanche.

- Darrelle Revis “doesn’t know” if he will hold out during training camp. Translation: Darrelle Revis “doesn’t know” if the Jets will offer him a bigger contract before he holds out.

- Michael Vick is working on reducing the number of passes that get batted down at the line of scrimmage. Any dogfighting joke I could make here would be dated.

- Terrell Owens was released by his Arena Football team and is considering a lawsuit. He’s almost become a sadder version of Kenny Powers–he has all of the delusion and none of the charm.

- Daily Oh-My-God-I-Hate-Training-Camp-And-Can’t-Wait-Until-They-Play-The-Damn-Games story: Peyton Manning’s throw count is being monitored.

- Former Andy Reid player Brian Dawkins says that Andy Reid should be on the hot seat. That may or may not be true but he DEFINITELY needs to be on a diet.

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