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May 31, 2012

Solid Wednesday Dinner at Frasca

Went to Frasca for dinner last night. It’s a great, small Neapolitan pizza and wine bar in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Wednesday night is 2-for-1 pizzas and I’ll definitely be back. Two pizzas, meatballs, three beers and a Diet Coke (guess who ordered that beverage) ended up being about $40 meal split between three people.

Meatballs and Marinara – pork/veal meatballs:

Spincaci Pizza - fresh spinach, bacon, caramelized onions and goat cheese

My pepperoni pizza ended up being good but not photogenic.

Ugh, the Spurs are Gonna Win, Aren't They?


This year’s NBA Playoffs have been great. We’ve seen a number one seed go down in the first round (Bulls), the Lakers implode (always fun), the rebirth of one of the sport’s greatest rivalries (Celtics – Sixers), the birth of what could be the league’s next dynasty — or next late 90s/ early 00s Sacramento Kings — (Oklahoma City), and the sport’s best player taking his game to the next level (LeBron). That’s why it’s such a shame that these playoffs are going to end in the least compelling way possible: a championship for the San Antonio Spurs, the blandest, least dominant “dominant” team in NBA history. Think about it, every other possible outcome is way more exciting than the Spur’s winning. If the Heat win, it’s LeBron’s coronation, he’ll cement his legacy, and Skip Bayless will have one less talking point. If the Thunder win, it’s the birth of a potential dynasty and Kevin Durant potentially surpasses LeBron as the game’s best player (Kobe remains in the conversation). If the Celtics win it’s a last hurrah for three Hall of Famers, who rejuvenated the Association’s most storied franchise, plus riot potential. The Spurs? Another championship for a consistent, but boring team that never won two in a row and would have been stomped by any of the teams that won the title between theirs. No one wants to see that. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable.

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The Twins May Be Dismal This Year But This View Is Suite

My friend Matt went to Twins-A’s last night and had a pretty nice view from the General Mills box.

Send the view from your seats to @SportsRapport or email hidden; JavaScript is required

Warren Sapp Is Back At NFL Network But He Really Shouldn’t Be

By Ryan GlasspiegelFollow Sports Rapport on Twitter

Full Disclosure: I hate Warren Sapp with a seething, fiery passion. Tied with Jared Allen (whom I can and will talk about for hours at a later time), he is my least favorite athlete in professional sports history. While it was a legal football play, his blindside sucker-block on Chad Clifton was egregiously dirty. I hated him before that hit and I’ve HATED him ever since. If you watch that clip of Sapp saying he would take that play back, you will see that his remorse is insincere. And there’s little I hate more than insincerity. (Say this for Sapp, though: to reach the top tier of sports hate, you have to be a really fucking good player.)

Photo Credit:

It’s been an offseason of pretty satisfying schadenfreude for Sapp haters such as myself. First, he outed Jeremy Shockey as the Saints snitch in Bountygate and got publicly shamed. Then, he filed for bankruptcy, claiming that he’s racked up “millions of dollars in debt” and “lost his 2002 Super Bowl ring.” (He is wearing said “lost” Super Bowl ring on the cover of his upcoming “autobiography.”) Then, Greg Bedard reported in the Boston Globe that Sapp wouldn’t be fired by NFL Network but that his contract would not be renewed. YES!!!!! This was GREAT news!!!!!

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World Wide Wednesday

How I saw the Internet this week

Deep Routes

- Wright Thompson profiles Bear Bryant’s driver:

Billy picked him up in the morning. He dropped him off at night. Sometimes they talked. Sometimes they didn’t. Often, Coach read the paper aloud. Once, when a state trooper clocked Varner speeding, Bryant stuck his houndstooth hat in the back window. The patrolman understood and backed off. Billy saw him weak and insecure. He drove him to Birmingham one year before Christmas because Bryant got a letter from a sick girl and he wanted to surprise her. He saw him cry. When Paul took his grandson fishing, Billy came along.

Varner never felt comfortable enough to strike up conversations with Bryant, but he could poke at the Legend of The Bear. Driving through Mississippi one night, they stopped at a catfish house. Bryant bought seafood dinners for everyone there, and Billy cracked later, “It was like you were handing out loaves and fishes.” At the end, when Bryant was sicker than anyone knew, Billy heard the private coughs.


- On Grantland, Steve Marsh writes an incredible profile on the process of funding the new Vikings stadium:

It’s an election year, which, strangely, means that this spring was supposed to be a do-nothing legislative session. Everybody — Democrats, Republicans, and tea partiers alike — were supposed to be too nervous to take a stand on anything, anxiously hoping to run out the clock by pointing fingers at each other until November. But when the Vikings stadium bill predictably fell apart in some House committee, Roger Goodell got involved. The commissioner grabbed Art Rooney, everybody’s favorite mascot for surrogate paternal authority, and flew into town to hold a joint press conference with our governor and no. 1 Vikings fan Mark Dayton. They made not very carefully veiled threats about the Vikings becoming a “free agent” if something wasn’t done by the end of this session.

Quick Reads

- Natalie Wolchover seeks to answer a burning question that has been plaguing me since childhood: How much gold would you need to recreate Scrooge McDuck’s gold coin pool?

- The world’s oldest workers (I hope) in the world’s oldest profession: 69-year old twin prostitutes.

- I normally can’t STAND Thought Catalog but this is a very well-done post by Ryan O’Connell: “25 Things I’ve Learned In My 20s.

- Why do people crush Photoshop for digitally altering reality while Instagram gets a pass?

- A urinal that lets you play guitar with your urine.

- On Grantland, Bill Barnwell takes us through the first round of NFL over/under bet props.

- Drew Magary HATES mayo:

I hate mayonnaise. I hate it, and I’ve hated it my entire life. But I can’t seem to escape it. You mayo-haters out there know what I mean. You walk into a restaurant, you order something and say, “but no mayo,” then when it’s delivered to you not only is there mayo on it, there is an OFFENSIVE amount of mayo on it. Every pore in the bread bursts with it. It’s such a horrible thing to experience, because it means that either your server forgot your request to hold the mayo or–and this is far worse–your server IGNORED the request. “What? Hold the mayo? He can’t possibly be serious. Let’s triple the mayo so that he appreciates it fully.”

Food Porn

Strawberry Nutella Waffle @ Waffle Bros (Denver, CO)

Chicken Breast Sandwich with Pesto Mayo @ Panes Bread Cafe (Chicago, IL)

May 29, 2012

Finding Pappy Van Winke, CTD

“I don’t normally drink beer, and when I don’t I drink Pappy Van Winkle” – What the Most Interesting Man in the World would say if he was given a truth elixer.

If you recall from a few weeks ago, I put an APB out on Pappy Van Winkle, the elusive bourbon that takes a lot of work to find but is worth every minute and every penny.

My friend Kyle, who writes for FeedMeKC, went down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and found the elusive 23-year bottle at the Sazerac at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans:

If this got you thirsty for some good bourbon, Kyle recently put out a recipe on how to make grilled lemonade bourbon cocktails – stay thirsty my friends!

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With 79 NFL DUIs Since 2007, It Is Time For An Automatic Four-Game Suspension

by Ryan GlasspiegelFollow Sports Rapport on Twitter

This past weekend, Lions defensive lineman Nick Fairley was arrested for DUI after driving 100 MPH past a state trooper and initially attempting to elude the police.

Photo Credit:

The NFL has a massive issue with drunk driving–according to ProFootballTalk’s police blotter, 79 NFL players and personnel have been arrested for DUI, DWI, or impaired driving since 2007:

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May 28, 2012

My Friends Keep Torturing Me: Corn Beef Sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen

As if their trip to Grimaldi’s wasn’t enough. This picture is almost certainly going to inspire a trip to Manny’s Deli in Chicago in the near future. Better start working out double time now to prepare for it.

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