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World Wide Wednesday

by Ryan Glasspiegel

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Deep Routes

- SI’s Lee Jenkins’ brilliant cover profile on LeBron James. This is about as much as we’ve ever seen LeBron open up.

- In The Atlantic, David Samuels profiles Kanye West. While a lot of this piece doesn’t necessarily contain new information, there are also some very interesting insights into Kanye’s inner psyche. It’s a good piece to keep open in a tab for a day or two, reading bits and pieces of in between work and other diversions.

- My friend Brad passed along this great TorrentFreak long read on the history of file-sharing.

Quick Reads

- Clay Travis recommends Houston and Nashville as permanent neutral grounds for BCS semi-finals if College Football ever adopts a 4-team playoff. Travis’ Nashville bias notwithstanding, he makes a pretty good case for both.

- On, Andy Staples breaks down how the 32 players in Peter King’s mock first round were ranked as recruits coming out of high school: “Fifteen of the 32 players in King’s Mock rated three stars or fewer out of high school, meaning evaluators felt they would, at best, be solid contributors at the FBS level.”

- Continuing on the mock draft front, Yahoo’s Michael Silver draws up his annual NFL mock draft, where he evaluates who would go 1-32 if NFL teams had the opportunity to draft anybody in the league or eligible for this year’s draft. Spoiler alert: A-Rodg goes #1.

- Former Packers salary cap guru Andrew Brandt writes about the Packers’ draft war room.

- NYT bestselling author Justin Halpern writes a satirical guest post for KSK: If Mel Kiper Jr. Broke Down Women at a Bar. Hilarity ensues. (Via Asif)

- Dealbook: Facebook’s First quarter profit falls 12% ahead of expected offering.

90′s clip of the week

This segment has sort of been neglected for the last month or so, but I remembered this awesome song and think that we all need to band together to bring it back! Seriously, you guys.

Food Porn

My friend Adam started a new blog, I Eat Detroit. It’s what it sounds like. Here is a picture of some exquisite-looking rib tips that he ate from Bert’s BBQ, Pizza, and Soul Food:


Cheese Curds at Old Town Pour House, a new upscale bar in Chicago that has the best TV set-up I have ever seen in a bar–two 108-inch screens (TVs, not projectors), each surrounded by four ~60-inch screens. I’m pretty sure its construction is a solid indicator that our nation’s economic hardships have come to an end–bars like this don’t get funded and built during recessions.

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